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Cost-effective and flexible remote resources for international sales, marketing, customer success and tech teams.

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Talent pool of 2+ Million people

50.000 new profiles every month

150.000 professionals connected to employers

Supported 2.000 organisations in finding talent

We have served 2.000 clients,
including global top brands

What Fuzu provides

Remote talent or team

Get a part-time or full-time remote
talent – or a team

Validated talent

Rigorous testing and expert interviews
to ensure right skills and culture fit

No employer responsibilities

Fuzu handles the contracting
and payroll as the Employer of Record

Same time zone

English-speaking talent, working within
2 hours from any time zone in Europe

Ethical outsourcing

Contracting respects individuals
and local labour laws

Satisfaction guaranteed

Continuous performance monitoring
and improvement process

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Hire professionals in as little as 48 hours

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    You review and choose the perfect candidate

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    We facilitate onboarding to ensure success

Fuzu is global leader in validation technology

Fuzu’s proprietary validation and testing tech, powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, speeds up the identification of right professionals.

What our clients are saying

What our clients are saying

Save time for business development

Vinrian (Fuzu outstaffed expert) has saved us more than 20 hours a week, that we can dedicate to Business Development. That time is priceless!

Jinal Shah, CEO, Flygkonsult 747, Sweden

What our clients are saying

Best talent available in the market

GIZ has been partnering with Fuzu for 4 years and counting. We take value in the deep database of potential talent available. The staff is always available to ensure that we receive the best solutions in the market. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our partnership with Fuzu

Head of HR, GIZ

Fuzu talent pools

20% discount for the first 2 months

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